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Let us introduce ourselves. HoloKitab is not just a product, it's a long-term vision of two young enthusiastic founders to improve the learning outcomes in India using Augmented Reality.

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Books will always remain the best primary source of learning. Learning from videos is a new trend, but it's a passive activity. You will gain information faster, but retention will be much lower. Studies have shown that the human brain retains more information when gained over a long period. Augmented reality will help your child learn faster, while still keeping the books as the primary source of learning.


How does HoloKitab AR Textbooks help in Visualization?

Augmented Reality is a great technology to empower and improve learning through visualization. And we believe that the best way to integrate Augmented Reality in Education is through books. That's how HoloKitab was born. The future of education is here. Join us in the Revolution

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